Friday, November 9, 2012

" Aunt Lola in front of the Fig Tree"

Aunt Lola was my favorite of my mothers sisters. Although I loved them all. When I was an Art Director I would love to put her in some of my ads. I took the photo for this painting. I thought the outfit as I would call it, that she was wearing, looked great on her. I took her into my parents garden and placed her in front of their fig tree. She had on these white gloves, that only she could wear. She looked so Italian

Thursday, November 8, 2012

"An Italian Summer Picnic"

Sunday Summer picnics I will never forget. I never slept the night before. I would be so excited about Sunday. We would wake up at 5:00 to get to 6:00 Mass. After Mass we would get ice, then pick up my mother and meet who ever was going. This painting shows my mothers girlfriends Lucy (we called her "DODO" she was always doing something ) on the left with her mother Camella on the right. Next to Camella are her three daughters Martha, Gloria and Tootsie with her hand on her dog. In front of Gloria is her son Gearard. My brother Michael is next to Tootsie. In the back row is Lucy's brother Louie my parents and Lucy's husband Mike.
My mother would cook sauce from scratch. We ate and drank all day. Wine, beer and soda for us. The feast lasted all day.
I remember once saying to my mother, Ma.. I saw these people.. they came into the park with a little basket. They pulled a blanket from the basket and sat down Then they took a sandwich from the basket and began to eat it. She replied "They don't know how to eat."

' Valley Stream Picnic"

When my father bought his new 55 Chevy he would love to take us to Valley Stream Picnic Park . It was his pride and joy He took this picture that I turned into a painting. He wanted to capture his new shinning car. When he took the picture I started singing...See the USA in your Chevrolet. .My brother wanted to wrap me in the mouth. shut up shut up he kept saying. Our mother just looked at my father as he took the picture

"Coney Island"

This painting shows my brother and I at our favorite place. I would go to Coney island almost everyday in the summer Behind me is the parachute in Steeplechase and the Wonder Wheel. The boardwalk was filled so many wonderful people and things The ladies playing Marj on the people being wheeled around Even the girl with the itsy- bitsy- teene- weene yellow poker dot bikini   

"Alley Pond Park"

My parents  would love to go on picnics. One of our favorite places was Alley Pond State Park. I especially enjoyed the sliding pond. It had 4 ladders going at one time and 4 slides. My father loved it because he enjoyed swimming and so did I. It seemed the like every body went there. I'm the one with the red bathing suit My father is holding my brother and the little boy next to me is Donnie a neighbor from our apartment house.

"Feast St. Anthony"

St. Anthony's Feast Day is June 13th. Each year at our church, Our Lady of Peace His statue would be brought out from the church and a procession would take place through the streets. Ribbons were hung from the statue. People would  contribute dollar bills to be pinned to the ribbons. A band would play Italian music as the procession continued through the neighborhood. When the statue went back to the church you could hardly see the statue through all the money  At  night the feast would continue for days. It was a combination of great food, good music, and much fun.



This is a painting of myself with my Father and brother in front of  "Nathan's" world famous for its hot dogs.
I remember how popular it was . For 25 cents I would go and come home from Coney Island in the summer. That would cost 5 cents each way. With the remaining 15 cents I would buy 2 hot dogs and a rootbeer soda. My father would thake my brother and me there and treat us to hambutgers, french fries and custard as we called the soft serve in Brooklyn.