Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Bocce Ball" Painting from old photograph. A true italian story becomes a work of art

Here's an Italian Story that Bocce players will love:
In this painting we see my father leaning
up against the back wall of the bocce court
watching his friends playing bocce.
The fat man to his left smoking the cigarette
is my uncle Alfred, my fathers brother in law
I think they were playing Bocce somewhere on
Long Island's North Shore.
I found the original photo
that I used for this painting in one of my
fathers draws one day.
I don't know who took the original picture
but I sure love the composition.
You couldn't compose a picture like this
if you tried. It was a perfect accident.
It had to be in the late 30's or early 40's
when the picture was taken.
I love the two women all the way on the left
they seem to be gardening.
There is a guy probably one of my fathers friends
leaning over his shoulder, and you can see
the large breasts of another woman under
the elbow of the young sailor.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

"Cousin Helene"

This is my cousin Helene from Boca Raton, Florida
She's 18 and my second cousin.
Last Summer she came to our home in Massachusetts
to visit with my cousin Susan her mother,
for about a week She was with a girlfriend
from New York. While she was visiting I told her
that I wanted to paint a portrait of her to add to
“The Italian Story” I asked her to wear something
that she liked. She said that she liked scarves a lot
I said “Then wear one”.
I liked the one that she picked out.
We had a fun visit.
I hope she likes her painting

"A Portrait Of Aunt Helen"

It's difficult to explain how I felt as I painted this portrait of my Aunt Helen.
Before I started painting it, I stared
at the blank canvas and at the photo that Michael
my partner had taken of her. I said
“Aunt Helen I want you to come through
to me, I want to show you as you are”
She was a very kind person.
She worked very hard. During the work week.
Her scoffer as she called him, would drive her
and several other men and woman out to
Masbeth, Long Island. She worked for The
National Can Company. She pressed cans
all day long. That's why she had such big hands.
As I began to paint her, I began to cry.
I cried of one half hour,
That's how long it took me to paint her.
Then I put my brush down.

"And Away We Go"

One hot summer afternoon, my family
decided to make a shower in our garden.
We took our garden hose and tied it to the
clothes line. After turning it on we put on
our bathing suits.
Aunt Helen, being the joker she was,
put hers on to. When she came into the garden,
she put my fathers fishing cap on her head
then shepicked up a Pan Am Flight bag,
turned to me, as I was taking her picture
and said.... “And Away We Go”.
She had watched The Jackie Gleason
show the night before.
What a hoot!.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Aunt Helen on Her 60th. Birthday"

This is my Aunt Helen on her 60th. Birthday.
She's my Great Aunt.
She's my Grandmothers sister.
She lived upstairs, in my parents house in Brooklyn.
The setting was in her apartment
The date was April 1, I don't remember the year,
probably in the early 60's.
She's an Aries like me.
I said '' Aunt Helen, its your Birthday
I want to take your picture”
she said "ok. Lets have some fun",
She went into her closet,
and came out with a green bridesmaid gown,
who's it was I'll never know.
Then she proceeded to take all the bows from the presents
that we had given her, and put them in her hair.
After that, she sat in her chair and smiled at me.
Then once again she said "wait"
She picked up the plastic artificial flowers
from the coffee table which was next to her,
then she smiled at me once more and said,
“How do I look”, I replied “Great”
Then I snapped the picture.
“Aunt Helen at 60.”

"Aunt Lola"

This is my Aunt Lola,at the age of 50
Doesn't she look great holding that cigarette.
Check out that come hither smile.
You wouldn't think it,
but she was a rather shy person.
She had a big heart, and was very kind.
She was always well dressed,
and looked beautiful all the time
There was that certain air and style about her.
When she walked down the street
heads would always turn.
She'll always be my favorite Aunt.
I always thought she should have been a model.
When I was in the Advertising World
I cast her in a few of my ads.
As the saying goes....
What ever Lola wants...Lola Gets

"Aunt Lola's Wedding"

I kind of remember bits of the day.
Mostly the excitement.
It was Aunt Lola's Wedding Day.
My mother looked beautiful as we walked
to the church, Our Lady of Peace.
It was on the next block
from my grandmothers apartment.
My parents are walking together,
I had my finger in my mouth
as I held, my fathers hand.
I love my mothers big black hat.
To my mothers left is Aunt Tessie,
my mothers youngest sister.
She looks great in her red dress.
Behind us are my fathers sisters.
I recognize Aunt Julia, with her hair in curlers,
walking with her son Anthony.
Behind her is my Aunt Rossie.
They didn't dress up for the wedding itself.
The wedding was on my mothers side of the family
They dressed in the evening for the reception.
It seem as though ...the whole neighborhood
turned out to see the wedding.

"Mama Mia making Lasagna"

One Sunday morning I walked into my mothers
kitchen and found her making Lasagna.
I grabbed my camera I said “Ma look at me”
She turned and smiled as I took her picture.
She was wearing a colorful Mu Mu.
It was a popular apron that a lot of
Italian house wives wore in those day.
She was unraveling a Lasagna pasta and
placing it into the baking dish on the table
We see the ricotta in front of her and the
sauce for the Lasagna in the pot on her Maytag
cooking stove.
Her colander had only one handle,
but she never parted with it.
She loved to cook. It was the joy of her life.
Her cooking was my joy too.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Aunt Lola's & Uncle Phill's Engagement"

My cousin Susan sent me the original photo
of my Aunt Lola's Engagement.
I loved the photo from the moment that I first saw it.
The year was probably about 1944-45.
Here's Aunt Lola probably about 20 or 21
dressed so beautiful with all pearls in her hair
I decided on the green dress, and the pink roses on her hip
Next to her is Pappy my step grandfather.
She seems to be playing up to him.
She always liked teasing him.
Next to her is Grandma, in her red,
(again I decided that) sequent gown, smiling .
And next to her is my Uncle Philly
Doesn't he look sharp and a little sinister
He thought that he was Clark Gable.
I think he had just returned from the Army
The setting is his fathers Italian Restaurant
Villa Antico in Brooklyn.
I especially love the wall paper

"Me At 20''

It is hard to remember the kind of person
that you really were like, when you
were younger, especially at my age.
I was kind of shy. Very proper. I wore a suit
and tie a lot. I thought that was what
you were suppose to do.
I don't really remember who took the original photo
I know it was in my parents living room,
probably on a Sunday. That was the day
that I dressed up the most.
I probably couldn't wait to put on
something more comfortable, and go down
the basement to paint.

"My First Holy Communion"

This is me receiving my First Holy Communion.
Jesus and the angle were painted in the backdrop
when the picture was taken at the studio
I added the clouds and the Cyprus trees
in the style of Van Gogh
another one of my favorite artists.
I remember that morning...
You weren't suppose to eat before receiving Communion
in those days. I forgot about fasting. I went downstairs
to the bakery shop “Millers” below our apartment
and bought three vanilla cup cakes and ate them
I didn't know what to do
receive or not receive
I received .

"Aunt Minnie's Wedding"

My Grandmother remarried the widower
who lived across the street from her
after my grandfather died. He had two children
We called him Pappy, His last name was Ponzi
Pappy had two children Minnie and Chick
I'm The little flower boy in the front of the painting
Next to me is Lucille, she lived
across the street from my Aunt Minnie.
She was born on the day after me April 5th.1941
Behind me is Aunt Lola, she was Maid of Honor
to her left is My Uncle Phillie
who she married two years earlier.
Then there's Aunt Minnie “The Bride”
Looking radiant. To her right is Pappie.
The man all the way in the back is
my Uncle Freddie.

" My Brother Michael"

My brother Michael was born on January 31st.1943
He was named after my mothers father.
He was born on the date of my grandfathers death.
He was afraid of the dog when the photographer
took the picture.
He lives today in Taiwan He is a teacher and
holds a doctorate in Italian history.
He's written several books on History
He's still afraid of dogs.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"A Younger Me"

I was born on April 4th 1941
in Park Slope Brooklyn
This is a painting of me sitting,
smiling happily
on my parents colorful couch.
I loved all the colors of it.
That's probably why
I was a very happy baby
I remember that
playing with my mothers
pots and pans

"Lincoln's Birthday" My Parents Wedding

The year was 1939
The date was February 12th.
Lincoln's Birthday.
The Place was Carroll St. Brooklyn N.Y.
The Church was Our lady Of Peace
My father was 24 years old
and my mother was 22.
That's when my parent's were married.
The back ground is very Art Deco
and so is the style.
As I was painting the train
on my mothers gown
I couldn't help but feel that
the whole future of their lives together
lay beneath it.
Needless to say... I got very wound up in it.

"On A Date"

In this painting we see my parents
courting in Prospect Park Brooklyn
The year is 1937 or 38
They were married in 1939
The trees look rather young in the
The park was recently renovate.
My mother is all dressed up and so is
my father, in his pin stripped suit.
He loved wearing a hat.
I remember he would always place it back
in its box when he wasn't wearing it.
What a good looking couple they made.

"The Gates of Heaven"

This is a painting of my father with his mother and his sisters.
It was customary to take a photograph after the passing
of an important person in a family.
My Grandfather, this time my father's had recently died.
We see my grandmother surrounded by her daughters
and my father.
She had 11 children, six girls and five boys
Present for the photo (left to right) are
Rosie, Julia, Beatrice, my father Anthony
My grandmother Mary Anthony or Marie Anthone
as my mother would say, Anna to her right
and in front of her Louisa, her youngest.
Madeline her oldest is not in the picture
Every boy before my father died
Mathew, born before my father
fell from a fire escape and died
The setting in the background depicts
“The Gates of Heaven”
They called my Grandmother “A Saint”

"America Meet Ricco"

This is my cousin Ricco from Naples
He is a relative on my fathers side of the family.
I photographed him while he was visiting us here
in America. He was actually on his way back
home to Naples with his parent when I took the photo
some 35 years ago
I found a photo of the Italian steps in a magazine and put
him in front of them
then I placed the John Singer Sargent's man and woman
conversing on the steps behind him, he's another of
my favorite Artists Then to fill in the gap to Ricco's right
I painted in My friends Keith and Dean's dog, Curlie.
“ America meet Ricco”