Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Aunt Helen on Her 60th. Birthday"

This is my Aunt Helen on her 60th. Birthday.
She's my Great Aunt.
She's my Grandmothers sister.
She lived upstairs, in my parents house in Brooklyn.
The setting was in her apartment
The date was April 1, I don't remember the year,
probably in the early 60's.
She's an Aries like me.
I said '' Aunt Helen, its your Birthday
I want to take your picture”
she said "ok. Lets have some fun",
She went into her closet,
and came out with a green bridesmaid gown,
who's it was I'll never know.
Then she proceeded to take all the bows from the presents
that we had given her, and put them in her hair.
After that, she sat in her chair and smiled at me.
Then once again she said "wait"
She picked up the plastic artificial flowers
from the coffee table which was next to her,
then she smiled at me once more and said,
“How do I look”, I replied “Great”
Then I snapped the picture.
“Aunt Helen at 60.”

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