Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Aunt Lola's & Uncle Phill's Engagement"

My cousin Susan sent me the original photo
of my Aunt Lola's Engagement.
I loved the photo from the moment that I first saw it.
The year was probably about 1944-45.
Here's Aunt Lola probably about 20 or 21
dressed so beautiful with all pearls in her hair
I decided on the green dress, and the pink roses on her hip
Next to her is Pappy my step grandfather.
She seems to be playing up to him.
She always liked teasing him.
Next to her is Grandma, in her red,
(again I decided that) sequent gown, smiling .
And next to her is my Uncle Philly
Doesn't he look sharp and a little sinister
He thought that he was Clark Gable.
I think he had just returned from the Army
The setting is his fathers Italian Restaurant
Villa Antico in Brooklyn.
I especially love the wall paper

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