Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Aunt Lola's Wedding"

I kind of remember bits of the day.
Mostly the excitement.
It was Aunt Lola's Wedding Day.
My mother looked beautiful as we walked
to the church, Our Lady of Peace.
It was on the next block
from my grandmothers apartment.
My parents are walking together,
I had my finger in my mouth
as I held, my fathers hand.
I love my mothers big black hat.
To my mothers left is Aunt Tessie,
my mothers youngest sister.
She looks great in her red dress.
Behind us are my fathers sisters.
I recognize Aunt Julia, with her hair in curlers,
walking with her son Anthony.
Behind her is my Aunt Rossie.
They didn't dress up for the wedding itself.
The wedding was on my mothers side of the family
They dressed in the evening for the reception.
It seem as though ...the whole neighborhood
turned out to see the wedding.

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