Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Aunt Minnie's Wedding"

My Grandmother remarried the widower
who lived across the street from her
after my grandfather died. He had two children
We called him Pappy, His last name was Ponzi
Pappy had two children Minnie and Chick
I'm The little flower boy in the front of the painting
Next to me is Lucille, she lived
across the street from my Aunt Minnie.
She was born on the day after me April 5th.1941
Behind me is Aunt Lola, she was Maid of Honor
to her left is My Uncle Phillie
who she married two years earlier.
Then there's Aunt Minnie “The Bride”
Looking radiant. To her right is Pappie.
The man all the way in the back is
my Uncle Freddie.

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