Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"The Gates of Heaven"

This is a painting of my father with his mother and his sisters.
It was customary to take a photograph after the passing
of an important person in a family.
My Grandfather, this time my father's had recently died.
We see my grandmother surrounded by her daughters
and my father.
She had 11 children, six girls and five boys
Present for the photo (left to right) are
Rosie, Julia, Beatrice, my father Anthony
My grandmother Mary Anthony or Marie Anthone
as my mother would say, Anna to her right
and in front of her Louisa, her youngest.
Madeline her oldest is not in the picture
Every boy before my father died
Mathew, born before my father
fell from a fire escape and died
The setting in the background depicts
“The Gates of Heaven”
They called my Grandmother “A Saint”

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