Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Bocce Ball" Painting from old photograph. A true italian story becomes a work of art

Here's an Italian Story that Bocce players will love:
In this painting we see my father leaning
up against the back wall of the bocce court
watching his friends playing bocce.
The fat man to his left smoking the cigarette
is my uncle Alfred, my fathers brother in law
I think they were playing Bocce somewhere on
Long Island's North Shore.
I found the original photo
that I used for this painting in one of my
fathers draws one day.
I don't know who took the original picture
but I sure love the composition.
You couldn't compose a picture like this
if you tried. It was a perfect accident.
It had to be in the late 30's or early 40's
when the picture was taken.
I love the two women all the way on the left
they seem to be gardening.
There is a guy probably one of my fathers friends
leaning over his shoulder, and you can see
the large breasts of another woman under
the elbow of the young sailor.

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