Friday, September 4, 2009

"A Portrait Of Aunt Helen"

It's difficult to explain how I felt as I painted this portrait of my Aunt Helen.
Before I started painting it, I stared
at the blank canvas and at the photo that Michael
my partner had taken of her. I said
“Aunt Helen I want you to come through
to me, I want to show you as you are”
She was a very kind person.
She worked very hard. During the work week.
Her scoffer as she called him, would drive her
and several other men and woman out to
Masbeth, Long Island. She worked for The
National Can Company. She pressed cans
all day long. That's why she had such big hands.
As I began to paint her, I began to cry.
I cried of one half hour,
That's how long it took me to paint her.
Then I put my brush down.

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