Saturday, January 2, 2010

"Besso me Mucho"

Aunt Tessie was my mothers youngest sister. She always baby sat with my brother and me.

I will always remember her coming home from work climbing up the stairs to my Grandmothers apartment singing her favorite song “Besome Mucho”

She is the most difficult to approach how I would paint her. I loved her very much. She would take me to Coney Island when she was on vacation. She became ill with Rhumotoid Arthritis when she was in her late 20's. She was always in pain. One Easter as my Aunts were admiring my cousin Susan's Easter hat and passing it around from one to another, they placed it on Aunt Tessie's head. She smiled and I snapped the picture. I tried to capture the pain that she was suffering from. You can see the pain in her body. Her hands were contorted and it was even difficult for her to even smile.

She died in her early 40's after being in the hospital for about 2 years.

To me she will always be Saint Theresa

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