Saturday, January 2, 2010

"Uncle Tony's Barber Shop"

I'm not sure who took the photo I think it was my Aunt Tessie because I found a similar picture of Aunt Tessie and me taken on the same day with me holding her hand, so I assume she took this of me holding my fathers hand in front of my Uncle Tony's Barber Shop. Uncle Tony was my fathers brother-in- law. You can see the apartment buildings across the street reflected in his shops window, and Uncle Sam and the American flag in the window. It must have been late 42 or early for 43 The war was going on and it was around Easter time The sun was hot I was wearing an outfit that my mother had picked out for me. probably from Erwin's. She loved to shop there around Easter time and buy me and my brother a new jacket or suit. It could have been Easter Sunday. I held my fathers hand crossed my foot and looked at the camera as my Aunt took the picture. Look at all the old posters and signs that were on the wall behind me. Look at the old Penny Scale up against the wall of the barber shop.

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